Quick charging technology

Starting from the second half of 2015, mobile phone models are basically equipped with quick charging technology.In general, If charger's power is more than 10 w (5 v2a) we'll  call it quick charging.
Cell phone battery is small at the beginning, the USB interface default 5v0.5 A can meet the needs of charging, but after producing smartphones, the deep desire for the performance result in power consumption increasing, 0.5 A already can't satisfy the need, then we defined an enhanced USB charging recognition criteria: BC1.2.It will be extend the charging current maximally to 5 v1. 5 a.But by 2013, there were 3000 milliampere smartphone, this time 5 v1. 5 a also cannot meet the demand, then extending to 5 v2a again.
Charging current is controled by mobile phone, rather than charger. we could say that phone is dam. charger is only reservoir, load capacity of charger will detected by phone.  charger with high power and good quality will allow charger loading higher current , ifthe charger's output  current is too small, mobile phone can limit current to recharging batteries.
This is why we need  choose the charger with  high power , such as A mobile phone biggest support 5 v1. 5 A input, you buy A 5 v1a charger, only 5 v1a to recharge cell phone battery, not only slow charging, and because the charger has been fully loaded work, it will be hot  serious, or you buy A 5 v2a charger, cell phone will control the input current of 1.5 A, the charger loading is lowand there is plenty of margin, it would not hot.

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