Matters needing attention

Memory effect

The memory effect of rechargeable battery, when memory effect accumulates gradually, can make the actual use capacity of battery drop greatly. One effective way to mitigate the negative effects of memory effects is to discharge them. In general the nickel cadmium battery memory effect is more apparent, suggest after being recharged using 5-10 times for a discharge, and nimh battery memory effect is not obvious, can be used repeatedly charging for a discharge after 20-30 times.

The nominal voltage of nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries is 1.2v, but in fact, the voltage of the battery is a change of value, and fluctuates around 1.2v as the battery is adequate. In general, between 1V and 1.4 V, different brands of batteries have different processes, and the range of voltage fluctuation is not completely consistent.

To discharge the battery is to use a very small discharge current, so that the voltage of the battery slowly drops to 0.9 v-1v, and the discharge should be stopped. Under the battery discharge to 0.9 V, can cause excessive discharge and make a battery of irreversible damage, rechargeable battery is not suitable for use in household appliances remote control, because of the use of remote control electric current is very small, for a long time in the remote control for using it is easy to cause excessive discharge. Once the battery has been properly discharged, the battery's capacity is restored to its original level, so when the battery's capacity has declined, it is best to discharge it.

There is an easy way to do the battery discharge, which is to pick up a small electric ball as a load, but you have to use a meter to monitor the voltage changes in case you overdischarge.

For quick chargers or slow constant current charger, focus on your own use. For example, friends who often go out to use devices such as digital cameras should choose a quick charger. Do not place the phone charger in damp or high temperature conditions, thus reducing the service life of the phone charger.

There will be a certain amount of fever during the chargers, at normal room temperature, as long as no more than 60 degrees Celsius is normal and will not damage the battery. This is not related to the charging performance of the phone's charger due to the discrepancy between the style of the phone and the time of charging.



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