Operation method

Charging is an important step in using rechargeable batteries. Proper charging is good for battery life, and improper charging can have a big impact on battery life. Lithium batteries are basically according to separate each product packaging, each other is not universal, so each product also provide their charging equipment, each other is not universal, when use as long as you follow their instructions to use.

Quick charge and slow charge

For example, the capacitance of a nickel hydrogen battery is 1200mAH, while the other section is 1600mAH. The power of a battery is called 1C. When charging, the charging current is less than 0.1 C, which is called a trickle charge. Trickle charging to the battery charge is enough, and not hurt the battery life, but with a trickle charge the time is too long, so rarely used alone, but charge and the other way.

The charging current is called a slow charge when the charging current is between 0.1 c-0.2 C. Charging current is greater than 0.2c and less than 0.8c is fast charging. When the charging current is greater than 0.8c, it is called super high speed charging.

However, 1 c is a logical concept rather than the absolute value, so according to 1 c conversion fast charging slow filling is also a relative, as 200 mah for 1200 mah battery charging current is slow filling, and is quick charge for a 700 mah battery.



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